The Job Search

What do I need do to land the job I want?

Did you find an internship or full-time, post grad job? CONGRATS, please tell us about it. Log into Hire a Niner, under "my account" click "employment", "add new".  Simple and quick! 

*Students interested in the college's full-time academic co-op program must meet (in person or via phone) with the College's Co-op Coordinator, Linda Thurman or 704-687-5024 to set up a time, as well as their Dept. Co-op Advisor PRIOR to registering with the Career Center.  

There's a new obstacle to landing a job after college: Getting approved by AI, read more to find out how UNC Charlotte is playing a role in this new aged technology.

A good article from 2019,  from Glassdoor for job seekers! Covers a lot of relevant and interesting topics for new grads and experienced job seekers. 

We have partnered with the Univ. Career Center to capture recent graduate information to better assist our students/future graduates! The UCC has the latest stats on the First Destination Survey which can be another resource for the job search. The Department of Ed has added to their College Scorecard the average salaries and average debt for students graduating for the various universities.  This is great information when parents or students ask questions. Here is the link to UNC Charlotte


START EARLY! It takes time to find a job. You should begin the job search process as early as possible in your academic career. It is never too late to start.

Take advantage of the Career Center Job Fairs (9/17/21-vitual) and College of Engineering annual in-person Fall Picnic: 10/1/2021    FREE FOR STUDENTS and ALUMNI TO ATTEND!

Listen to your professors on what is happening in the industry. Ask them questions how it was during their time, get as much as you can out of them besides just being a teacher of content (they are valuable).
Take control for your college experience and create a large network of people who can aid in internships or your first job.    - excerpts taken from Joe C. (CIET/CMET alum) 

Find a mentor-early. Students can find a mentor while in school, those folks can help you prepare for life after graduation.  Finding a mentor in the work place is also a great idea but may not always be available. Look to professional societies or even someone in another company that you admire. NPR has a great article for those who want to be a mentor and those who need help finding one. 

While a high GPA, related experience and passing the FE Exam (for most majors) are HUGE benefits, there are many non-technical skills that are just as important, such as professionalism, business-minded, solid communication skills, leadership abilities, pro-active/self-starter/risk taker, and/or international experience. The Lee College of Engineering and the University Career Center are always working together to help make your job search successful:

  • Linda Thurman, College of Engineering Director for Student Professional Development and Employer Relations: 704‑687‑5024, Smith 228F
  • The University Career Center: 704‑687‑0795, Atkins 150  *appointments for Hire-A-Niner 

A great NACE article for International Students (F1, H1B visas) seeking a job.

How do I get started?

  1. Resume: Write or update your resume and have it reviewed by at least two qualified people. Use these links to view a variety of sample resumes: sample resumeresume sample, functional resume (for more experienced individuals with a lot of related experience, a functional resume may make more sense to present one’s qualificiations)
  2. Cover Letter and References: Write a draft of your cover letter. Every letter you send will need to be specific for the company and job you are pursuing. However, it is a good idea to have a draft ready to modify. This should also be reviewed by a few qualified people. Ask previous employers and faculty to serve as references for you. Prepare a separate page with references and contact information. Use these links to view a variety of sample cover and thank you letters: cover letter sample, sample thank you letter (thank you letters are formatted similar to a cover letter however they are written AFTER the interview has taken place typically).
  3. Career Expo and Job Fairs: Attend the University Career Center’s Career Expos and Job Fairs. This is the most important opportunity for you to meet local employers who are interested in hiring UNC Charlotte graduates. Take at least 10+ copies of your revised resume, dress professionally, and be ready to talk for 10-30 seconds about what you have to offer an employer.
  4. Hire-A-Niner: Register at the University Career Center’s database of jobs and resumes. You can search job postings from around the country. Great tool for both students AND alumni!
    • Upload a current version of your resume and keep it updated.
    • Keep your contact information current. Companies often request resumes from the University Career Center to help them fill open positions. You will want them to be able to reach you!
    • Review job postings on the Hire-A-Niner weekly. Contact companies immediately about open positions and use the LINKED IN option to increase your chances!
  5. On-Campus Interviews: Register for On-Campus Interviews through Hire-A-Niner. Many companies interview students at the Career Center during the Fall and Spring semesters. This is an easy way to access potential full-time jobs. Review the upcoming schedule frequently and follow instructions to sign-up for interviews. It is also important to prepare in advance for the interview by doing research on the company. To learn more about the interviewing process and prepareing for the interview as well as to access typically interviewing questionss. EEO laws (be sure you know what is an acceptable question or topic to discuss during the interview).
  6. Company Research: Investigate companies that you have an interest in. Identify contact people who can help you learn about open positions in that company. Not all companies post open positions with the University Career Center. The Career Center staff can, however, help you locate contacts at many local companies.
    • Friends and Family: Talk to friends and family about your job search. You never know who will have a good contact or could help you find that great job!
    • For tips on the job search use this link: Job search tips, Job-searching-when-you-are-employed, Be persistent: Stay in touch with employers you meet at job fairs, through research or through your friends and family. Call them regularly to let them know that you are still interested and to inquire about open positions. Don’t be afraid to request an interview.
  7. Ask for help: Linda Thurman and the Career Center Staff are here to help you be successful in your job search. Contact them regularly and ask for help as you need it.
  8. Report your job: The College of Engineering would like to know where you are working. Once you have accepted a job let us know. COMPLETE THE FIRST DESTINATION SURVEY which you can also access at the Career Center's Website and email Linda Thurman.
  9. Keep your network working and up-to-date. Continue to keep in touch with faculty, alumni and classmates.  CLEAN UP YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE!
  10. Use social media sites, however, try to attend networking socials or meetings (like professional societies) when possible. Nothing takes the place of meeting people one-on-one.
  11. What are the current average starting salaries by major? The Career Center typically has this information available for students as does Linda Thurman.-send an email
  12. Who hires our graduates? Pretty much everyone but here is a sample of where our graduates are gainfully employed!  Don't see your company? Please email Linda Thurman.