Welcome to the William States Lee College of Engineering Student Professional Development and Employer Relations website, an online resource dedicated to providing current information to our college’s students, alumni and employers.

Vision: The Lee College of Engineering is the first choice for students, faculty, staff and industry partners discovering, integrating, applying and disseminating knowledge.
Mission: We provide quality educational experiences, and discover and disseminate knowledge that serve the citizens and industries of local, national and international communities.

Our college offers a variety of programs and services designed to assist students and alumni in their professional development. Our hope is that students will take advantage of the many opportunities to learn about the world of engineering, network with professionals, and hone their professional development skills. 

For those employers who wish to connect and engage with our college, the benefits are endless! We have many ways to help you brand your company among our student population and college. We encourage you to view our newly designed online brochure, surf this website or contact Linda Thurman for more information about how your company’s needs can best be served. The Office of Student Development and Success offers a variety of ways to engage with our students! We are truly educating tomorrow’s engineers and technologists and we recognize the valuable role companies have in helping us accomplish that goal.  

Who hires our graduates? Pretty much everyone but here is a sample of where our graduates are gainfully employed! Don't see your company? Please email Linda Thurman. The Career Center's First Destination Survey is also a great tool for employers, parents and of course students. 

Thanks to our alumni and employers who completed our 2021 survey.
We are happy to share some of their comments! 

"Faculty and staff of Lee College of Engineering are so helpful and promote the graduates as well as assist them in finding opportunities. It is a pleasure to work with staff and students!" 

"I find the students to be focused, smart, professional, assertive and all around impressive."   

"UNC-Charlotte graduates are 'two feet on the ground' employees that exhibit great judgment and consideration for their jobs and their interactions with other employees."    

 "Great engineering leadership team.  We have greatly enjoyed interacting with the staff and faculty as well as the students."

" I've been impressed with colleagues that have come from UNCC."       

"Students from the Lee College have become an integral part of growing our business."

"The staff of William States Lee College, who I have spoken, with have also been very helpful and aided us in hiring."


To help you navigate around our ever-growing 1000 acre campus, please consider using our newest campus map! We remind all visitors to please park in visitor designated lots, decks and spaces to avoid ticketing. Charlotte's Official YouTube Channel is a great way to 'visit' our campus prior to actually 'visiting' our campus!