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We offer a variety of programs and services designed to assist students and alumni in their professional development. Our hope is that students will take advantage of the many opportunities to learn about the world of engineering, network with professionals, and hone their professional development skills. Click on the icon above to get started!


Is there any better way to recruit tomorrow’s top engineers and technologists than through UNC Charlotte? Help us brand your company among our college, student & alumni populations. Click on the icon above to check out some of those opportunities or contact Linda Thurman for more information on how we can best serve your company’s needs.

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Who Hires Us?

Who hires UNC Charlotte Engineers & Technologists? Pretty much everyone! Here is a “small” sample of employers who have hired our graduates. Don’t see your company? Email Ms. Linda Thurman to be included!

Employer Comments

Need a little more convincing to get in contact with us? Here are some comments from a recent employer survey:

  • “Students from the Lee College have become an integral part of growing our business.”
  • “UNC Charlotte graduates are ‘two feet on the ground’ employees that exhibit great judgment and consideration for their jobs and their interactions with other employees.”
  • “I find the students to be focused, smart, professional, assertive and all around impressive.”
  • “Faculty and staff of Lee College of Engineering are so helpful and promote the graduates as well as assist them in finding opportunities. It is a pleasure to work with staff and students!”
First Destination Survey

Check out some of the great statistical data from UNC Charlotte! The Career Center’s First Destination Survey is a great tool for employers, parents and, of course, students.

Direct Contact Information

Ms. Linda A. Thurman

Director of Student Professional Development and Employer Relations, Student Professional Development Advisor and Co-op Coordinator
William States Lee College of Engineering
Office: Smith Building, 228F​
Email: lthurman@charlotte.edu
Phone: 704-687-5024

Connect with me for updates and announcements!


Assistant: Ms. Jenny Becic
William States Lee College of Engineering
Email: jbecic@charlotte.edu