Opportunities & Events

Fall 2021: We are open for business and welcome everyone back to campus!  

We have a lot of in person events scheduled for 2021-2022, we encourage all participants (students and employers) to please consider getting their free vaccine to help in the fight against covid. 

  • SHPE invites all students to apply to their Summer 2022 Internships. Application requirements and application links can be found here.
  •  The University Career Center has many useful workshops for students to build up their resume, career exploration, interviewing skills and learn effective networking and job search skills. View their calendar and sign up for a few!   
  • Students interested in our college's academic full-time Co-op Program are encouraged to attend the UCC's Co-op Event on Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2021 @ 6:00 pm, Lucas Room, Cone Center Building. Open to all students and majors. RSVP using Hire-A-Niner. 
  • Annual Fall Picnic is back in-person on Friday, Oct. 1st.  Visit the picnic page for more information. 
  • Mock Interviews for our junior/senior PD course, is seeking EMPLOYERS who can assist (in person or virtually).  In person on 10/22 and virtually on 11/5. If your company is interested in participating, please contact Linda Thurman or 704-687-5024.  There is no cost to participate and it is great PR. Thank you for your support.  
  • Senior Design kicks off for new student teams and sponsors. Employers- to get involved and to learn more visit: Industrial Solutions Laboratory .  *Save the date for the IN PERSON Senior Design Expo on 12/10 @ the University Hilton Hotel. 


Spring 2021 highlights 

  • Congrats to all our May 2021 graduates!   
  • Congrats to our spring semester 2021 Co-op Seminar Virtual Presentation Competition winners: 1st: Alex Poslinski (EEGR)- Duke Energy, 2nd: Daniel Todd (MEGR)-Storm Technologies and 3rd: Viet Tran (EEGR) -TTI Floorcare North America.   Alex has also been nominated for the Cooperative Education and Internship Association's Co-op Student of the Year Award. To learn more about the co-op program visit the Career Center's website. 

  • Huge thanks to all our Prof. Dev. Course guest speakers who were so kind to share their knowledge & time with our students. Will Rice, PE, alum-Charlotte Water, Justin Marsh, PE alum-NC Ports, Sherri Camp-Daimler, Nahir Habet, alum-Atrium Health, David Evans-NC Board of Examiners, Charles Rose & Mick Hartz, alums-Blythe Construction, Walid Sobh, PE & Josh Bradshaw, PE, alums- ECS Southeast. Our panelists: Caitlin Higgins, alum-Talbert, Bright & Ellington, Alex Harwell, PE-Dewberry & John Weber-Software Toolbox. Thank you for your support!  
  • Another awesome session: Casual Conversations with Alumni: BSME Alum, Christopher Bailey (MSME & MBA) from Leonardo DRS, spoke on his path into the Aerospace and Defense Industry. Thanks to al lthe students who were able to be logged on for this lunchtime webinar.   Check out Christopher on Linked In to learn more!
  • Thanks to all the dedicated employers who are participating in our spring Multi-disciplinary Professional Development's Virtual Mock Interviews: 

For March 12th: City of Charlotte, Commscope, Corning, Daimler-FCCC, Dewberry-Raleigh, DiGioiaGray Consulting Engineers & Scientists, ECE Power, ECS Southeast, eFACTOR3, ESP Assoc., Froehling & Robertson, GKN Automotive, Impact Designs, Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, Livingston & Haven, LTD Inc., Nascent Technology, North State Development, QORVO, Ramey Kemp & Associates, Rockwell Automation, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL), Siemens, Software Toolbox, Specialized Engineering Solutions, TLV Corp., and WSP!

For March 19th: City of Charlotte, Collins Aerospace, Corning, Dewberry-Raleigh, DiGioiaGray Consulting Engineers & Scientists, ECS Southeast, HDR Engineering, Husqvarna, LandDesign, Livingston & Haven, LTD Inc.,  North State Development, Ramey Kemp Associates, Rockwell Automation, Santee Cooper, Siemens, Specialized Engineering Solutions, Talbot & Associates Consulting Engineers, TLV Corp.,Westinghouse Electric Company, and WSP! 

                  For more information about these events, contact Linda Thurman at 704-687-5024