Connection Day-aka 'fall picnic'


Thanks to all who attended our event in Fall of 2022 
For 2023: posted by May but we hope for a day late Sept. or Early Oct. With some changes! 

Our Multi-Industry Connection Day (formerly the Fall Picnic) is an annual tradition perfect for our 3800+ students, 225+ faculty, and countless alumni to establish relationships, network, and discuss career options with engineering and technical professionals from a variety of technical industries.   

STUDENTS & ALUMNI: Stop by and show the Engineering & Tech Employers why they should hire a 49er! Check out below who is attending and consider bringing copies of your resume if you are seeking an opportunity. 
(No Registration Required and open to all CoENGR students, faculty, staff & visiting alumni)



2023 Employer Parking & Item Drop Off 
Parking: Parking Maps | Parking and Transportation Services | UNC Charlotte (if you need a map or info. on disability parking) 
  • For those who are parking in the Cone Deck, we ask that you park and unload after you park. We will have volunteers up there to help you. 
  • If you are parking in Union Deck, please drop off your items at the field then go park.
  • Cone Deck (rooftop) and Union Deck (levels 4-6) are your best option. Visitor levels please, they are clearly marked so no worries there. 
  • South Village Deck (level 1) and East Deck 1 and CRI Deck....offer visitor parking as well, they are a bit of a walk.  You can also take our free bus if you want from some of these 'farther away' decks. 

The CLT Light Rail also has a terminal stop on our campus, a bit of a walk but we also have a FREE Niner Transit bus service as well that you can pick up at the light rail station and it will get you to the West Quad fields/Cone Center building.  To learn more visit: Niner Transit Bus Service | Parking and Transportation Services | UNC Charlotte 

See Below for More Event Info!
For 2023, we are reducing the number of spaces from 126 to 112 to allow for better flow & set up and
aim for having a balanced and variety of industries represented. 


49er GOLD Level  (26 spots for 2023)

  • Spots are limited at this level
  • 10' x 10' White Tent  *you can bring your own-just let us know
  • 6-ft display table with 4 chairs in a premium location  
  • Can bring up to 4 people
  • Lunches for up to 4 people
  • Morning hospitality and employer-only water tent
  • Gold-colored table cover and table sign 
  • Custom-made 49er Gold Recognition Banner to proudly display on your tent
  • Pre-printed name tag and college lanyard for each participant
  • 4 parking passes for the Parking Decks
  • PR, PR, and more PR!
    • Company write-up, logo, and website listed in our multi-page event program (electronic and printed) 
    • Company name/logo on signs and on flat screen TVs in all engineering buildings
    • Company name/logo included in all event-related mass emails, and on the college Connection Day website.

 Level  (86 spots for 2023)

  • 6-ft display table and 3 chairs*
  • Can bring up to 3 people.
  • Lunches for up to 3 people 
  • Morning hospitality and employer-only water tent
  • Green-colored table cover and table sign 
  • Blank name tag and college lanyard for each participant
  • 3 parking passes for the Parking Decks 
  • Company name and website listed in our multi-page event program, on flat screen TVs in all engineering buildings, inclusion in all event-related mass emails, and on the college Connection Day website

    *You may bring your own small (8x8 pop-up tent, however, you cannot stake it into the ground and it MUST fit in your designated space).  *If your tent is larger than this size, we will request you take it down to allow for traffic flow. 
You are encouraged to bring a large supply of marketing and product materials to interact with our students, alumni, and faculty. Because the event is located OUTSIDE, you may bring almost anything (short of explosives, weapons, and similar dangerous items) like:
  • product samples
  • prototypes & equipment
  • marketing brochures & business cards
  • giveaways & games

These are all great ice-breakers to interact with our attendees! Your employees who are UNC Charlotte alumni are also encouraged to attend as your representatives - they make great connections with our students!

***Contact us prior to the event if you plan on bringing exceptionally large items to display as we will need to ensure they are allowed on our fields and we can accommodate you space-wise.***  For fall 2023, we are not allowed to bring any vehicles onto the field (per our facilites and grounds dept).  

***Reminder: Carpooling is recommended***
  • Park only in designated Visitor Parking areas. Cone and Union Decks are the two closest parking decks to the event.  This Campus Map will help you with parking options.
  • We will give out paid exit passes to participating EMPLOYERS as we check them in on the day of the event. You only need a parking pass to EXIT our decks. See the Benefits section above for the number of parking passes you will receive. Additional parking information will be emailed to employer participants prior to the event date.
  • Note: We are not able to provide paid parking passes to students and visiting/guest (non-employer participant) alumni.

We cannot be responsible for parking tickets.

Cancellation Policy:

Contact Ms. Linda Thurman As Soon As Possible if you are an Employer Participant who can no longer attend. Refunds cannot be issued if requested less than ten (10) days prior to the event date. All payments must be received 15 days PRIOR to the event date in order to participate. 

Bad Weather Policy:

In case of inclement weather, we will move the event inside. Contact our main office at 704-687-1991 or 704-687-5024 to confirm the decision.  If the event is moved inside,  some modifications with employer tables/booths will need to be made. We will notify all participants as soon as possible if we have to utilize the indoor space. 

Questions or Concerns?



Logo icon for contacting the Director of Student Professional Development and Employer Relations. This icon is a green circle with a gold email, phone, and open door pictures
Participants can SHIP their items ahead of time to the address below. 

UNC Charlotte
9201 University City Blvd., Smith 228
Charlotte, NC 28223

Ms. Linda A. Thurman

Director of Student Professional Development and Employer Relations,
Student Professional Development Advisor and Co-op Coordinator

William States Lee College of Engineering
Office: Smith Building, 228F​
Phone: 704-687-5024

Connect with me for updates and announcements! 
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